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It is our experience that many organizations struggle with creating work environments that produce visionary, relational leaders and highly productive teams.  The services we offer are designed to provide excellent coaching, consultative and educational services that cultivates healthy, impactful leading as well as fostering the development of vibrant, creative teams.  

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It is our goal to provide the best coaching possible while helping our clients achieve their goals.  Whether the coaching is individual, or with couples, or in groups, or with specific client populations like pastors, we create spaces for our clients that bring transformation and substantive change.   Take a look at our coaching services and schedule a brief introductory session to get started.


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Thrive Project

The Thrive Project is a multi-faceted effort focused on assisting ministry professionals to flourish in their professional work.  It includes the creation of a conceptual model of ministry identity formation; the provision of a program for new ministers going through the ordination process; coaching for pastors experiencing burnout or a desire to redefine their ministry purpose or direction; and research into ministerial role satisfaction.  Explore the facets of this project.


Daniel W. Poff, Ph.D., CPCC
Founder and President
Relational Synergistics, LLC

Ecclesiastes 4:12 Modern English Version (MEV)

And if someone might overpower another by himself,

two together can withstand him.

A threefold cord is not quickly broken.


This ancient Hebrew text, taken from the wisdom literature of the Torah, communicates the essence of what this organization is all about.  Simply, we are more capable, more powerful and more connected when we effectively work together.  We use the term synergy in our website title, because when we effectively work together our efforts are multiplied.  We use the term synergistics in our organizational title because there are multiple ways to create relational synergy and this organization is committed to learning, teaching and utilizing those ways. 


We recognize that when we truly engage key relationships in our lives there will be measurable increases in productivity and a palpable sense of collegiality, community, connection and enhanced creativity.  The problem is that most of us are not prepared to engage relationships in ways that achieve these highest levels of function and achievement. 


Therefore, this organization is committed to coaching, educating, and consulting others to be better leaders and team members, connected and caring spouses, and effective professional coaches.  The programs and services you will see on this website are our proven efforts to empower relationships toward transformation that makes a difference in organizations, teams, communities of faith, and intimate relationships. 


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