360 Feedback Consultation



The RS-360 Feedback System is a proprietary assessment program that provides clients with feedback from multiple parties including, but not limited to, supervisors, subordinates, colleagues, and customers.  Integrated with feedback from others is the client’s perceptions of his or her own work. 


After appropriate analysis and discussion with one of our coaches, the client can develop a personalized action plan for enhancing his or her performance. 


The RS-360 Feedback System is intended for personal and professional development and not for annual performance evaluation, though some clients and their respective agency or organization may intend to use the feedback for performance evaluation.  This should be carefully planned and executed in consultation with one of our leader-coaches. 


We provide this system for individual clients or as an organizational effort to develop its employees.  This may include leadership teams, individual units in the organization, or the organization as a whole. 


If you are interested in exploring the RS-360 Feedback System, please contact us for a brief consultation and exploration of possibilities.