Accelerated Leadership Development

Our Accelerated Leadership Development Program is designed to help new and experienced leaders move to a higher level of influence and impact with their teams and organizations.  This program involves a three-phase process that culminates in a Strategic Leadership Development Plan created by the client with input from his or her leadership coach.    

Phase 1 - Reflective Appraisal

This first phase of the program entails a detailed and thorough exploration of the client’s leadership strengths and challenges.  It is multi-assessment process focused on providing the client with a comprehensive self-evaluation of personal gifts, strengths, habits, knowledge and skills.  The leadership coach serves as a guide through the process of assessment completion and results review, helping the client to understand and integrate the insight gleaned from the assessments. 


The assessment process includes our own proprietary RS-360 Feedback Assessment System, personality evaluation, emotional intelligence testing, as well as other assessments selected in consultation with your leadership coach. 

Phase 2 - Focused Leadership Development Coaching

This second phase of the program begins with a foundation of knowledge gleaned from the Reflected Appraisal process.  Clients deepen their learning and begin to consider the changes they want to make in leading others.  Clients are challenged to comprehend and value their unique combination of qualities and characteristics as they impact their leadership.  

Phase 3 - Coaching for Impact & Influence

This phase of the program focuses on translating and integrating client learning into one's respective leadership position.  An integral part of this phase is the preparation of a Strategic Leadership Development Plan that gives focus and direction to clients as they apply their learning in the leadership role.  

As a result of completing this program, clients will better understand their own strengths and areas of weakness or vulnerability. This will allow leadership impact and influence to be more positive and healthfully motivational, as opposed to leading out of coercion or manipulation.


You may be a newly promoted leader out of employee ranks.  You may be an experienced leader wanting to refine and strengthen your leadership acumen.  Or, you may be a leader struggling to lead, making mistakes and failing in your leadership, and needing a fresh start.  Regardless of the reason you join this program, it will help you significantly improve your leadership. 


The commitment requires that you take an honest look at who you are, receive feedback on your leadership, complete a variety of assessments, and engage in coaching and personal development that will transform your leadership.  So the question is, what will you do?  Will you invest in your future as a leader and get off on the right foot with this challenging role you have accepted?

Clients who want to strengthen their leadership knowledge and skill can take coursework through the Relational Synergy Learning Studio.  Educational module topics include, but are not limited to: leadership styles exploration, conflict transformation, servant minded leadership, emotional intelligence, and organizational relationship dynamics.


Dr. Poff is an experienced coach who works with leaders, leadership teams, and other individuals to maximize their ability to engage their work in the context of a team and organizational setting.  He is a university Professor of Leadership Studies and a certified professional coach.


Contact us and set up an introductory appointment to determine if your leadership goals and needs fit with the program.  You’ll be asked to complete an application that will aid in the determination of your potential for benefit with the program.  Once accepted into the Accelerated Leadership Development Program, you will complete the three phases previously outlined.


Upon completion of this program, you will have a portfolio that includes all of your assessment results, a summary of your coaching outcomes, and your Strategic Leadership Development Plan.  This portfolio can be used to demonstrate your learning, as well as providing evidence for performance evaluation and promotion.