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At the heart of every organization is the dynamic relationship between leaders and followers.  Leaders provide a sense of vision and direction for the organization, maintain connection with employees and ensure that resources necessary for the organization to accomplish its goals are readily at hand for all to access and use.  Employees offer their commitment to the organization, maintain a connection with each other, supervisors and organizational leaders and offer their creativity and efforts to achieve organizations goals.  All of this occurs when the organization is operating at a level of synergy and relationship that promotes these qualities.  In fact, this level of productivity is hard to achieve.  And, if it is achieved, it is often seen as almost impossible to maintain for any length of time.


It is all too common that organizations struggle to achieve the level of productivity and collegiality that is desired.  Sometimes, leaders attempt to achieve this through coertion, thinking that the desired metrics are all that’s needed to motivate employees.  Employees frequently find it difficult to achieve peak performance with each other.  As such, teams look like they are performing and yet are not operating at the level that would result in the desired peak performance. 


The causes of these problems are many.  It is with fairly frequent that individuals are promoted into leadership roles for which they are poorly equipped.  Employees find it difficult to invest their creativity and efforts to make the teams they work with function in satisfying and productive ways.  Often these difficulties revolve around issues of trust and conflict. 


What we offer here at Relational Synergy are services designed to foster strong, connected leadership and highly productive teams.  This is accomplished through our Accelerated Leadership or Individualized Leadership Development programs as well as Team Development services.  In addition, we offer our own proprietary RS-360 Feedback System that provides leaders and employees with an opportunity to discern how they impact the organization and what they can do to maximize that impact. 


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