Pastoral Coaching

I recently coached the daughter of a pastor, and our coaching conversations, at least in part, focused on her sense of God’s calling on her life.  She revealed a deep reluctance about accepting the call into ministry herself because of watching her parents go through the "struggles of ministry."  Our discussions often referred to those experiences as the under belly of Christianity.  In a very mature way, she talked about how reluctant and fearful she was of pursuing a ministerial career.  Her gifts and passions were all aligned that way, but she wasn’t sure that she could survive the interpersonal and sin-related issues that are very prevalent in this profession.  She eventually reconciled this personal struggle and made her choice to continue moving toward a life in ministry.  But her story is at the center of why pastoral coaching is included as part of our Thrive Project.  Many pastors and other ministry professionals are seriously considering their options.  Maybe they are burnt out.  Or maybe they are considering a redefinition of their ministry focus.  Pastoral coaching is particularly beneficial in these cases because it provides the space for ministers to make resonant choices for their future.  -Dr. Dan Poff

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