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Relationship coaching is a genre of life coaching that focuses on helping people achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their intimate and family relationships and friendships.  A relationship coach can assist you in setting and achieving your relationship goals and objectives.  Some of the reasons for seeking a relationship coach may include, but not be limited to, the following:


  • You’re in a new relationship and you want to “do it right.”

  • You just became engaged and want to explore ways to strengthen your relationship as you approach marriage.

  • You are about to experience a major life change (birth of a child, a new job, retirement, a change of residence, etc.) that affects both you and your partner and you would like to determine an effective strategy to navigate the change.

  • You and your partner believe that your relationship can be richer, stronger and more intimate.

  • You and your partner are struggling with a persistent conflict that is impacting you relationship quality and satisfaction.

  • You are a single and looking to begin a relationship with someone.


Our relationship coaches are trained in relational dynamics, as well as in life coaching, and apply principles from Family Systems Theory and the research of John Gottman.  Our coaches are also certified in the use of Symbis®, a powerful relationship assessment that can be used to facilitate the relationship coaching process. 


It is important to note that relationship coaching is not marital and family therapy in a similar way that individual coaching is not counseling.  If there are issues of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, addiction, or major psychological problems in the relationship, it is likely that your should be referred to a counselor or marriage and family therapist.  Our staff can facilitate this referral if needed. 


If you are interested in exploring relationship coaching, please click on the Get Started button to the left or follow the pull-down menus at the top of the page.  We offer a free introductory coaching session to help you decide if relationship coaching is right for you.