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Susanna J. Spencer

Freelance Copy Editor & Writer

SJS Editing


Susanna J. Spencer is a freelance copy editor and writer with a love for language and for helping others’ writing be at its best.  Susanna edits student papers at the collegiate level, as well as dissertations, scholarly research articles, manuscripts, and more.

In 2011, Susanna earned a bachelor’s degree in Writing and Leadership, with a minor in Public Relations, from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She has previous experience working  in both marketing and event coordination, in which her skills in writing and editing have been consistently and heavily utilized.  Currently, Susanna serves as an Admissions Counselor at Indiana Wesleyan, where she is able to share her love of the university with prospective students, and help them navigate the admissions process.

Shortly after enrolling at IWU for her undergraduate studies, a missions trip to Central America kindled her passion for travel, and she has since spent time exploring other parts of the world.  Susanna hopes to visit each continent, but aspires first and foremost to serve the Lord with the gifts He has given her, wherever she may be.

Becky Montgomery

Financial Coach


Becky Montgomery is an experienced Financial Coach trained through Ramsey Solutions Master Coach Series™.  After 30 years in the banking industry, Becky now focuses full-time on helping individuals and families become intentional about their personal finances and learn how to manage money using Biblical principles.  She provides one-to-one coaching, seminars, lunch-and-learns, and has led numerous Financial Peace University classes.  Her life experiences have given her the passion to help others and the empathy to understand the struggle when life’s challenges are larger than your paycheck.  Specific areas of experience include budgeting, getting out of debt, surviving divorce financially, single parent finances, medical bills, college savings, mortgages, and retirement. 

Fruitful Living, Becky’s coaching business, is based on the parable of the Vine and the Branches (John 15: 1-17).  God is the gardener and as we abide in Him, He helps us grow and learn to produce good fruit.  The focus is on financial pruning, learning, and growing so that you can be fruitful to those around you and the next generation.  Becky is endorsed through Ramsey Solutions Local Coach Program.  As a coach, Becky comes along side and helps families and individuals plan paycheck to paycheck so that they don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.

The seeds for Fruitful Living started 5 years ago, when Becky and her husband John learned how to manage God’s money God’s way in Financial Peace University.  By applying these same principles, Becky and John have paid off $270,000 and are now debt-free.  This allows them to use the resources God has provided them to bless their church, community, children and grandchildren in ways they never dreamt would be possible.  

Kim Parker, M. Div.

Spiritual Director

Retreat/Workshop Guide


As a Spiritual Director and retreat/workshop facilitator, Kim teaches and creates space for individuals and groups to deepen their connection with God and experience transformation. There is little that excites her more than to walk alongside others as they examine the inner life and connect with the God in deep, meaningful ways.  Kim earned a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations from Milligan College, completed a M.Div from Emmanuel Christian Seminary, and received a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Sustainable Faith.  Additionally, she is a graduate of Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation and has been trained in the Enneagram through the Enneagram Institute. 


Kim had the opportunity to do the work of spiritual formation and soul care within the context of Christian higher education for eleven years – educating and forming college students through mentoring and leadership development.  She now offers spiritual direction, workshops, and retreats to individuals and groups through her own practice.  Through her practice, Kim assists those who have a desire to listen deeply to the activity of God in their everyday lives.  This involves helping others examine the inner life, recognize God’s communication, discern areas of captivity, grow a more intimate relationship with God, and experience a more integrated whole life with self and others.  Kim specializes in helping individuals explore contemplative spiritual practices that open up our ability to listen more deeply and discern the movement of God in life, prayer, and relationships.  She also utilizes the Enneagram, a personality type indicator that fosters self-awareness, to assist individuals and groups in discovering new pathways toward growth and wholeness.


It is through study, work, and the ups and downs of her own faith journey that Kim has discovered these rhythms, practices, and tools that give rest and nourishment to a weary soul.  This kind of soul care not only bears fruit for the individual, but fills us and frees us to care for a world in need.

Nicholas and Megan Hindes

Nicholas and Megan Ministries


Nicholas and Megan journey with men and women as they discover their God given identity. Combined the two have over 15 years experience in developing and empowering people to live in freedom, experience inner healing and take hold of spiritual breakthrough.


Nicholas is a zealous spiritual director, life coach, and mentor. Nicholas’ ministry experience has focused on speaking truth into dark places, breaking shame, and calling forth the freedom that people experience in Jesus. Nicholas holds his bachelors degree in psychology, a minor in Christian studies, and he's taken graduate level courses in Christian studies and marriage and family therapy. Nicholas also holds a his basic level certification in Sozo, a type of inner healing prayer, and in 2016 he earned his certificate in life coaching. Nicholas has an immense passion to see deep transformation happen in individuals around him. Nicholas loves listening intently, championing people, and creating space for them to discover their identity. He pours his heart into the work that he does, is not afraid to call forth the excellence he sees in others. He looks forward to making an impact that affects generations to come.


Megan is a deeply compassionate leader, developer, and healer. She is currently the resident director of Scripture Hall at Indiana Wesleyan University and has often mentioned that her position as such fits like a glove. Megan’s ministry experience specializes in leading teams, empowering leaders, and creating safe spaces for people to be vulnerable and free.  Megan holds her bachelors in English education and her masters of arts in higher education and student development. Megan is amazingly talented at bringing restoration and hope into the heart of men and women tangled up in lies and pain.  Her gentle, yet fierce spirit draws out the best in people while also helping them feel lovingly supported.


Together the two offer preaching, spiritual directing, mentoring, and workshops specifically for individuals and couples feeling stuck in their relationship with God and wanting a fresh outpouring of his love and intimacy.